2009, Master of Architecture, Yale School of Architecture, New Haven, Connecticut.

1993, B.S., College of Business and Economics, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.



Rome: Continuity & Change, Yale University & Rome American Academy, Drawing Instructors Stephen Harby and Alec Purvis, Rome, Italy, Summer 2007.

2004, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Career Discovery,Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Documentary Production Workshop, San Francisco Documentary Filmmaker Aron Ranen, Boise, Idaho, 2004.

Printmaking Without A Press, BSU, Instructor Kirsten Furlong, Idaho, Fall 2004.

Studio to Public: Artist Workshop, Seattle Public Artist Pam Beyette, Boise City Arts Commission, Boise, Idaho, 2003.

Polyester-Plate Lithography Workshop, BSU, Instructor Kirsten Furlong, Idaho, 2003.

16 mm Film Production, Visiting Documentary Filmmaker Richard Kahn, Boston, Massachusetts and BSU Communications Professor Peter Lutze, BSU, Idaho, Fall 1999.

Boise State University, Emphasis in Gender Studies, Photography and Art History, Boise, Idaho, 1995-2004.



National Endowment for the Arts, 2002.

Idaho Commission on the Arts, Quick Arts Grant, 2002.

Boise City Arts Commission, Temporary Public Art Grant, 2001.

Capital City Development Corporation, 2001.



Teaching Fellow, Roman Architecture, Prof. Diana E. E. Kleiner, YSoA, Spring 2009.

Teaching Fellow, New Haven & the American City, Prof. Alan Plattus, Douglas Rae &
Elihu Rubin,YSoA, Fall 2008.

Teaching Assistant, Digital Media, Prof. John Eberhart, YSoA, Summer 2006 & 2007.



Retrospecta, Annual Journal of Student Work, Yale School of Architecture
Urban Research & Representation, Prof. Elihu Rubin, Collaborative project, Spring 2009. Urban Logic, Prof. Ben Pell, Collaborative project, Spring 2007.

“Creating a Friendly Building”, Intermountain Architecture, McGraw-Hill Publication. 1999.

"Picasso's Bull," Street Mag, 1995-1996, Fiction Column, Independent Monthly.


Professional Work

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP, NY, NY, Architectural Intern, Aug. 2007 - Aug. 2008. IDP Registered; Housing Redevelopment Competition, Mumbai, India; UNC Stadium and Athletic Facility; Harrison MetroCentre Master Plan, Harrison, NJ

Yale Art and Architecture Exhibitions Program, Intern, Director Dean Sakamoto, Summer 2007.
Exhibition design and installation for Rome: Continuity & Change;
Strategy and model building for Government Center, Paul Rudolph Retrospective.

ZGA Architects and Planners, Marketing Director, Boise, ID, 2003-2005.
40-person firm. Architectural Planning, Urban Design, & Consulting for Government, Commercial, Healthcare, Historic Preservation and Educational sectors.

Hummel Architects, Marketing Coordinator, Boise, ID, 2002-2003.
GSA Design Excellence Awards Program, Bureau of Reclamation / USGS
Office Building, Project Award Submission.

J Crist Gallery, Gallery Director, Boise, ID, 1999-2001.
Contemporary Art Gallery representing regional artists. Worked on In-house & Off-site Exhibitions. Participation in NY Outsider Art Fairs.

Trout Architects / Chartered, Marketing Coordinator, Boise, ID, 1997-1999.
5-person Architectural Design firm. Emphasis in Single & Multifamily Housing, Government, Civic, Museums, Parks and Recreation and Interior Renovations.


Software / Fabrication

Graphics: Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office. Rendering/Drafting: Rhinoceros, Sketchup, 3dStudioMax, Autodesk 2009. Fabrication & Model Making: Geomagic, CNC mill, LaserCutter, Woodshop.


Other Stuff

Digital Media Advisory Committee, Yale School of Architecture, 2006-2007

Web Editor, Yale School of Architecture, 2006.

TVTV Public Access Television, Producer & Editor, 2001-2004.

Dead 8 Film Club, 1999-2003.